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FAQs and Demos

Find some frequently asked questions below and some quick video tutorials on how to use VeriFund products.

  • Who is VeriFund?
    We are VeriFund - we’re the go to for all your processing needs. We are the liaison between you and FluidPay and Payroc. We connect them all and provide the support for your account. Contact us for any questions related to these accounts and we'll get you the information you need.
  • Who is FluidPay?
    FluidPay is the software used to process payments, send invoices, manage your transactions and more. This is your main login for everything related to your account.
  • Who is Payroc?
    Payroc is the processor and the company who holds your merchant agreement. While VeriFund provide the support for your Payroc account, your agreement is with Payroc for accepting payments.
  • How do I get signed up?
    Call us today - 212-804-7039 or visit our contact us page and drop us a note.
  • How do I take a one-time payment?
    Login to FluidPay and click "Virtual Terminal" from the dashboard or the menu on the left. Enter the sale amount and credit card information. Add any description, PO number if necessary - this is completely optional. Finally, at the bottom add the billing details - name, address, city, state and zip code. Add an email address for a receipt. Click submit and you're done! You can send a receipt by clicking to email it or print by clicking "view receipt." Here's a short video overview.
  • How do I create an invoice?
    There's 2 ways to send an invoice. Invoice a new customer: On the left, click. "Invoices - Create." Fill in the customer information in the "Bill To" section, making sure to add an email address and/or phone number. Under "Line Items" add in the description and total for what you are billing the customer for. Open "Additional Items." Select "Save to Customer Vault" - "Required" if this is a customer you plan to bill again. Select "Send Invoice Via" and select how you'd like to send this invoice. Click "Create Invoice" and your customer will receive it immediately. You can always go back and edit this later or resend it. Invoice a customer within the vault: On the left, click "Customer Vault - Search." Find the customer you'd like to invoice and click the three dots to open the menu. Select "Invoice Customer" The invoice will pre-fill with the customer info on file. Simply scroll down to "Line Items" and fill in the items you'd like to invoice your customer for - adding a description, quantity and total. For example, Job Deposit - 1 at $500. Open "Additional Items" and select how you'd like to send this invoice. Under "Send Invoice Via" select Email, Text, or Email & Text. Click "Create Invoice" and it will be sent immediately. Here's a video tutorial.
  • How do I set up a recurring payment?
    Click "subscriptions"
  • Pro Plan - Pricing
    The pro plan...
  • What is interchange?
    Interchange is the rate associated with a specific card. Every single card has its own interchange rate - whether it is a debit card or a rewards card or even a prepaid gift card.
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