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Privacy Policy

This is a privacy policy for Verifund Payment Services, LLC and the website. It describes the data we collect on the site and what we do with it. Keeping the information private and secure is extremely important to us. We invite you to contact us if you have any questions about this policy. You may contact us by email at or you may call us at 212-804-7039.

Our privacy policy is straight forward: Verifund Payment Services LLC may disclose information that we collect to affiliates and non-affiliated third parties in order to enable our Services. Those Services include but are not limited to: payment transactions, payment processing, fraud monitoring, secure storage of your information in a secure electronic vault, advertising programs and promotions, and debit and credit card account issuance. We may disclose the information whether you are a current customer or former customer.

What information do we collect?

Information collected on this site is not sold or transferred to any person or party that is not directly
involved in normal business operations. Verifund Payment Services LLC uses information collected from
this website for internal use only but may share some information with parties deemed necessary to
completing or fulfilling an order or request for information. By clicking “Get Pricing” on a lead form or
contacting our sales team, you agree to receive marketing calls, including through the possible use of an
automatic telephone dialing system, prerecorded and text messages, from Verifund Payment Services
LLC, along with its agents and affiliates, at the telephone/cellular number entered into the form or given
over the phone to a sales agent, which you certify is your own number. When giving your telephone or
cellular number you understand that you are not required to consent to marketing in order to purchase.
To stop receiving text messages you can text any of these commands: Stop, Cancel, Quit, Unsubscribe,
End. And to stop receiving email messages please click the email’s unsubscribe link. You may opt-out at
any time.

Consumer reporting agencies.

We may disclose the information that we collect relating to our transactions or experiences with you to
consumer reporting agencies and similar organizations

Law enforcement, judicial authorities, and others.

Verifund Payment Services LLC will share your non-public personal information as needed with
appropriate law enforcement officials to investigate them, fraud and other suspicious activity involving
your Verifund Payment Services LLC account. Verifund Payment Services LLC may share your non-public
personal information with other third parties as otherwise required or as permitted by law

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