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online payments, billing invoices


Simple Payment Processing for the Construction & Field Service Industry


Bill a client via text.
Receive payments
as soon as the same day.


Never any equipment to buy and no complex
software to learn.


No set-up fees,
no software fees,
no long-term contract.

Time is money

Every hour that you spend creating an invoice, driving to pick up a check, waiting in a long bank line at the end of the day is an hour that could be spent doing the work that brings in cash. The real work that you'd rather be doing. And waiting a week or more for a check to clear can mean unnecessary project delays in ordering materials or paying your people. Get paid with our solutions and have the money in your account the next day!

Everyone loves plastic

Paying you with a card allows customers to use their favorite rewards or miles card so their new kitchen sink also means they're one step closer to that dream vacation. And without needing to wait until they are back at their desk at home with their checkbook, envelopes, and the stamps they hope they remembered to buy, your customers can pay right then and there when they get their invoice. You get paid faster, no reminders needed.

Focus on relationship

With flexible options like scheduled future payments, taking care of past due invoices with available credit, and setting up recurring payments, you can work with your customers and spend less time handling friction around payments. Focus on the relationship and the job you set out to do rather than worrying about the money. 

We are here for you

At VeriFund we understand your business because we started out as contractors in the very communities you work in now.  We take pride in our relationships, convenient locations, and responsive customer service. We will work with you to find and set up the payment solution that makes getting paid the easiest part of your day.

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